Martin J. Spinelli, President

Martin J. SpinelliMartin Spinelli has been a producer, director, and writer of documentary and communications programs since 1967. His company, Martin Spinelli Associates, Inc., was incorporated in 1979, and its production division, Interaction Media, was formed in 1984. He is equally adept at developing concepts and supervising production, and his company has earned a reputation for generating programs that draw enthusiastic interest.

His experience includes four years with Philadelphia’s ABC station where he won an EMMY, first prize at the San Francisco Film Festival, the Ohio State Award, and several other awards for documentaries and presentations in the public interest. This media experience has been exceptionally valuable to him in the development of programs for both non-profit organizations and corporate clients. Martin also worked with NBC/WRC in Washington, D.C. In his broadcasting work experience, he took responsibility for concept development, research, scripting, direction and production supervision of public affairs documentary programs.

Martin Spinelli’s range of skills include video, film and the new multimedia presentation formats. His work has won many major awards in corporate communications: New York Film & TV Festival; Chicago Film Festival; CINE; and the AT&T Arthur W. Page Awards.

The work of Spinelli’s company encompasses multimedia and video programs used for new product introductions and sales promotions. He has produced demonstration presentations for IBM and Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), touchscreen programs that describes the features and benefits of IBM’s hardware platforms for Telcordia’s telecommunications software; and Digital Video Broadcasting which dramatizes the value of choosing IBM for digital broadcasting development.

Spinelli holds two degrees from the University of Pennsylvania: a M.A. in communications from the Annenberg School, and a B.A. in psychology. He is a director-member of the Director’s Guild of America.

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