Jens Nygaard conducting the Jupiter Symphony
Life on Jupiter
The Story of Jens Nygaard, Musician

One of Manhattan's classical music treasures is celebrated in a television documentary. Jens Nygaard's Jupiter Symphony has inspired devoted fans for over twenty years, performing in venues from Carnegie Hall to the Good Shepherd Church, right next to (but just outside of) Lincoln Center. A child prodigy who had learned every instrument in the orchestra, Nygaard graduated Juilliard with high hopes of conducting, and then found himself shunted aside by the New York musical establishment.

Unlike many disappointed artists, Jens would not give up his will to conduct. His journey led to homelessness, mental illness, and years of rejection before triumphing with his Jupiter Symphony. The orchestra has drawn the highest praise from Manhattan's toughest critics, including Harold Schonberg and Martin Bookspan, who have acclaimed him as a genius.

Independent documentary filmmaker, Martin Spinelli, has made a one-hour video program that brings this orchestra's hard-won success story to television. The footage documents several performances, from Beethoven to Gershwin. Interviews with performers, students, critics, and supporters are woven into a musical portrait. Conductor Nygaard, himself, speaks of his life, philosophy, and career with charm and candor. Even when discussing his battle with multiple myeloma, he exudes a telegenic charisma. The tale of this maverick conductor and his magnificent, young orchestra is now ready for sale on DVD.

Contact: Martin Spinelli