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Life on Jupiter - The Story of Jens Nygaard, Musician

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Maverick Conductor Jens Nygaard is a legendary presence in the New York music world. His journey from child prodigy in rural Arkansas to New York's Carnegie Hall was fraught with rejection, homelessness and mental illness. This musical portrait chronicles a great conductor whose Jupiter Symphony orchestra is critically-renowned. Jens Nygaard triumphs over grave difficulties even today, performing while fighting multiple myeloma cancer. His intimate story is interwoven with selections of concert performances embracing Beethoven, Mozart, Ketelbey and Gershwin.

Some of the most intriguing aspects of this documentary are the questions raised by Jens Nygaard's tireless pursuit of perfection. His causes may seem outright quixotic, but he sustains our respect and admiration, even awe. Those feelings are reinforced by the the exceptional music and the heartfelt interviews of accomplished musicians like Ruth Laredo, William Wolfram, and Joel Krosnick of the Juilliard String Quartet.

Jens Nygaard's story is more than a biography of a genius. His tenacious adherence to principles, and the price he is willing to pay for his ideals, force us to rethink our own experience and direction.

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