Life on Jupiter
The Story of Jens Nygaard, Musician

Produced and Directed by
Martin Spinelli

Edited by
Lisa Palattella

Paul Dokuchitz
Brian Kellman

Rafael Agudelo
John McCormick
Jonathan Wentworth Associates, Ltd.

Gil McDowell

Still Animation
Ralph Petre
The Camera Stand

On-Line Editing
Scott Doniger
Full Circle Post

Sound Mixing
Dave Huber
HotWax Recording, Inc.

 Producer and Director

Martin Spinelli has been a producer, director, and writer of documentary and communications programs since 1967. He began his career making television public affairs programs at Philadelphia's ABC-TV affiliate, where his documentaries won an Emmy, First Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival, the Ohio State Award, and several other awards. He also worked with NBC/WRC, in Washington, D.C. His previous documentaries reflect his interest in outstanding individuals.

Spinelli's experience includes video, film, and the new multimedia presentation formats, and his work has won many corporate communications awards: New York Film & TV Festival, Chicago Film Festival, CINE, and the AT&T Arthur W. Page Awards. He formed Interaction Media, in 1984, when interactive multimedia was a gleam in the eye of the Bell Laboratories' engineers for whom he developed programs to convey the future of communications. He has produced demonstration presentations for IBM and AT&T, and touchscreen programs that describe telecommunications software.

Spinelli is a director-member of the Directors Guild of America.


Lisa Palattella is a film and video editor whose exceptional artistry with long-form and music documentaries is sought by the industry's best-known producers. She is also an excellent musician; her experience in both making and cutting music proved  invaluable in the creation of "Life on Jupiter." Palattella's substantial credits include "John Gardner: Pinstripe Radical," a PBS Special; "Plagues: The Invisible Fire," for National Geographic Television; A&E's "Biography of the Millennium"; "Promised Land: Jewish American Journeys" for the National Museum of American Jewish History; "The Politics of Quiet (a musical oratorio)" produced by Meredith Monk and The House Foundation; and "Hate on Trial,"
a Bill Moyers Special, for PBS.

Programs that Lisa Palattella has edited have won many awards including an Emmy and Peabody for "Going, Going, Almost Gone! Animals in Danger" and the Golden Gate Award for Best Children's Program at the San Francisco International Film Festival for "Where the Toys Come From" produced for the Disney Studio.

2001 Interaction Media